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Anyone who decides to arrive at the Grammys in an egg obviously has an unusually powerful and grossly all-encompassing need for attention, and here’s why: An awards show is not about one person. It’s about — well, let’s say at least a hundred people, about 80 of whom are way, way, way, way less famous than Lady Gaga is, some of whom are only known amongst polka enthusiasts. If Gaga decided to open her own concert in an egg, then more power to her. A Lady Gaga concert is about and for Lady Gaga, and she can and should court all the attention she can. And, trust, it’s not like I think the Grammys are the equivalent of the Nobel Prize or whatever, but I suspect everyone who was nominated for one, and who got to walk the red carpet, got pretty excited about their big night. And then this stupid Egg Being Carried In By Minions routine completely and totally drew every single bit of red carpet attention away from EVERYONE ELSE. To my mind, that’s not performance art — because it’s not being done to make a larger artistic point. The point it’s making is, “I’M HERE IN AN EGG LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME ME ME ME ME ME HOW ELSE CAN I FOLLOW A MEAT DRESS?” Honestly, I just think it’s bratty.

In addition to her ridiculous racism and other such isms in Born This Way, this is another reason I am really not feeling Lady Gaga right now.

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I love how everyone is ~above~ lady gaga and accusing her of -isms. As if the persons calling another person out were any better. Jesus Christ, it’s like they’re just attacking her because that’s what everyone else is doing. Pop is just that, getting attention, it is the norm. Everyone tries to upstage everyone else. We have all creates this type of artists and it’s just naive and stupid to say that they should stop. Judging someone else who was created by our social needs and wants is stupid, if anything people should start judging themselves and how a person like Lady Gaga came about instead of bitching at the outcome of our stupid, lazy and hedonistic lifestyle.

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um no I’m accusing her of isms because she used racial slurs and took pictures with people in blackface what the fuck are you on about

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Ugh, that people should see the bigger picture than just criticizing one person who, granted said a lot of stupid bullshit, did a stupid song. The point is not to look at this person and say how wrong they are but look at ourselves and our society to see how we bred that kind of a person. Moreover, it’s not like anyone has the privilege of sitting on a pedestal and say “oh yeah she’s so racist” when everyone is guilty of racism in one form or another, just because someone did it in a very public way instead of a private one, it doesn’t mean that it’s worse. And tbh I don’t think lady gaga has ever done something involving black face so idk what you are going about there…

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so you’re saying I should excuse her blatant racism because….she’s famous?  really?  That’s your argument?


it’s the first thing that comes up when you google lady gaga blackface


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lady gaga cares about her gay fans

as long as they aren’t black.

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This exchange 100% verifies my distaste for the Gaga. 

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